The Bright Future Program is specifically designed to assist participants in regaining self-esteem, self-worth and self-reliance, as well as providing the tools to establish a Bright Future.

The course provides an introduction to the Six Pillars of Mental Wellness and how they can become a solid foundation for a happy and successful life. Explaining how each pillar alone is not effective but together and in sequence they provide the basis for a Bright Future.

6 Pillars of Mental Wellness

  1. Spirituality – believing in a higher power, seeking and accepting spiritual help, and developing the belief that God is for us not against us. The goal is to recognize that there is a plan for each individual life, and that knowing and realizing that plan, a Bright Future is in store.
  2. Relationships – learning the importance of creating, developing and nurturing positive relationships with caregivers, family and friends. The goal is to bring the best out in people in all of our relationships.
  3. Family – learning that having a family is not limited to blood relatives, but can encompass anyone who accepts you for who you are. The goal is to create a sense of belonging.
  4. Physical / Mental Health – learning that fitness, nutrition, and personal care are essential to physical and mental wellness. The goal is to provide the knowledge base for living as healthy a life as we can for as long as possible.
  5. Career / Vocation – helping to understand that choosing a career or vocation that meets your individual needs is very rewarding. The goal is to bring out the passion for the things you love to do. Whether it is paid or volunteering.
  6. Finances – learning how to take responsibility for your own finances and the freedom and joy it can bring. True financial success is not measured by dollars in a bank account; rather it is having the ability to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want. The goal in finances is to get out of debt and build wealth.


Bright Future Program


There is life after mental illness


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